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How to avoid falls in the bathroom

According to a statistic from the platform Statista, the risk of falling increases with age. Many older people fear falling - especially in the bathroom. To help them regain a sense of safety and comfort, you as a planner or architect can do your part to make bathrooms safer. In this article you will learn how to reduce the risk of falling and which products play a crucial role in this.

In the bathroom, falls occur again and again in old age - and often with health consequences. Especially those who suffer from a chronic disease or limited mobility do not feel very safe in the bathroom. It is therefore important to adapt the sanitary area to the needs and age of the residents in good time and to initiate renovation measures in line with requirements. With different products in the bathroom around the shower, washbasin and toilet, you can reduce the risk of falls for your customers.

To reduce the risk of falling, design showers to be slip resistant and safe

In an age-appropriate bathroom, it makes sense to install a shower instead of a bathtub. Getting into showers is much easier, which already significantly reduces the risk of falling. If the shower is additionally designed to be accessible and at the ground level, safety in the bathroom for seniors is increasingly enhanced. In addition, a bathroom with a shower offers more space. But it's not only older people who benefit from showers: Sufficient space is especially necessary if people use a rollator or someone is assisted by a caregiver with everyday personal hygiene.

Installing seating in the shower is another important aspect of minimizing the risk of falling. Shower seats prevent slipping on wet floors. Ideally, seats in the shower are attached to the wall. A non-slip surface of the shower seats contributes to safety in the bathroom for seniors. Seats in the shower make it easier for older people to manage their bodily hygiene, which becomes more arduous as they get older, thereby helping them to achieve greater independence.

Angled handles in the shower, which also act as shower head holders, also provide protection from falling. The handles allow for two levels of gripping at one time. They allow for vertical and horizontal support and holding. It is important to be able to hold on to something, especially in dangerous situations. In this way, many falls can be avoided. Thus, angled handles in the shower provide seniors with a sense of security in the bathroom and additionally reduce the risk of falling.


With a modular vanity system important adaptations can be added quickly and easily at any time. If the support is no longer needed, the vanity can be easily dismantled. Vanities that have integrated recessed grips also provide safety in the bathroom for seniors. Users can quickly hold onto the handles when they lack strength in their legs or feel unwell. In this way, the vanities can reduce the risk of falling and contribute to a more self-determined everyday life.


Other useful products in bathrooms suitable for seniors

In addition to products for the toilet, shower, and vanity areas, there are also solutions that ensure greater safety in the bathroom for seniors. Mobile seating options can be used flexibly wherever users need them at the time. Whether dressing or brushing one's teeth at the vanity - mobile stools serve as ideal additions tothe age-appropriate bathroom fittings.

Handholds are a particularly important solution that reduces the risk of falling. They can also be flexibly installed wherever help is needed. In the shower and at the toilet and vanity, however, they are mandatory to ensure safety in the bathroom for seniors - because handholds are the last rescuers from a fall in a dicey situation.

Generally, you should rely on slip-resistant tiles when equipping a bathroom that is suitable for seniors. These noticeably reduce the risk of falling and contribute to a safe feeling.

Also the installation of an emergency button is recommended in the bathrooms of your elderly customers. If a fall does occur, the emergency button makes it possible for the affected person to call for help. Especially when an impaired person is alone in an apartment, house or care room, emergency buttons are important for quick assistance.


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